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Hey! I'm Matthew Maldonado, I am a tattoo artist and Illustrator.


When it comes to tattoos I love doing anything with color, New School, Patchwork, Stickers, Pixel Art, Color Realism and just about anything related to Pop-Culture. That doesn't mean that's all I do. I dabble in about every style and am open to working with you outside of my specialties and am well versed in many styles. I tattoo out of STUDIO SEVENTEEN in Holland, MI.

I am also a professional Sketch Card Artist. I mainly work through Topps, Upper Deck and RRParks. I work(ed) on many franchises such as Star Wars, Garbage Pail Kids, Stranger Things, Walking Dead, Ultraman, Mars Attacks and many more.

I love drawing comic books and have done a few self published books such as Farewell, UnBEAR!able, Shadow Breed and Transit. I also do a lot of fan art when the time allows me.

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